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Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

The competitiveness of the market place keeps on increasing with every second that passes by. Millions of companies are eagerly trying to market their product/service to the same target group. Thus, an additional effort needs to be added to attracting more traffic to your website. Yes, what makes it effective marketing is that getting this attracted traffic gets converted into customers. This is where the art of search engine marketing comes in to play.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

First, it is important to understand that SEM is used to increase the visibility of a particular website. SEM can be deviated into two types as organic and paid.  Both of these types mainly target new customers. When it comes to the organic type, as a new customer hits the search button to purchase a product/service, the search engine would fold up the relevant websites in sequence. Thus, at the same time, SEM allows ranking within the first few search hit websites. This would increase the website visibility as well as make sure that the traffic will be directed to your website.

The paid SEM type enables to create an opportunity to advertise sponsor advertisements which are relevant to the search results. This is yet an eye-catching site for the motivated customer and would drag in their attention on the spot. These results are triggered through the search terms also known as the “Keywords” that are entered into the search engines. These paid advertisements that appear next to the search results are the most relevant to the search result. Therefore, the probability of the customer clicking on them is high.

How does SEM work for you?

As a customer hits in the search button, the search engine that functions in the background starts rolling off with its complicated algorithms to find in the most suitable results according to the request.

The organic SEM rather called as search engine optimization (SEO) is a method adopted through using the right keywords or phrases that the potential customers would hit in to search a product or a service using a search engine. By equipping the content with such keywords/phrases the search engines would pick your website as a relevant information provider for the customer.

The paid search engine marketing (Paid SEM) mostly use common forms such as pay per click (PPC). These advertisements appear according to the relevancy of an intended search criteria and the company posting the advertisement only has to pay the hoister only when a customer clicks on the advertisement.

Depending on the nature of the business it is advisable to select either of the SEM options or a mix of it to suit the nature of the product/service you provide.   

The role of the keyword

Keywords are either words, terms or phrases that users type into a search engine to search for information. It is used to drive targeted traffic to an intended website. Therefore, knowing the right set of keywords and their position plays an important role in SEM as well as PPC.

Keyword optimization would enable you to

– Get the rightful traffic directed to your website
– Through identifying popular keyword – predict the potential traffic
– Connect with potential customers instantly
– Identify customer needs and how to position your service/product

The architecture of the information input solely depends on keyword optimization. Therefore, keyword optimization drives a major portion of SEO marketing efforts such as tag lines, links, site structure, content strategies well as the meta description

How to optimize SEO through keywords

Considering factors such as keyword popularity, keyword relevancy, and keyword intent would enable you to set in your steps in the right direction of SEO. There are sites such as  Small SEO Tools keyword research that would enable you to get an idea of the positioning of selected keywords. Simply following through the 5 steps given in the site you can get a report on the positioning of the selected keyword. This would give you an insight into the competition that surrounds the selected keyword and assist you to work through to meet your objectives.

It enables you to identify the high intended keywords and by using them so that the search results for relevancy would rise in. As a result, it will trigger in generating more quality traffic that can be covered by customers.

What are SEM formulas and how does it work for you?

Below are a few examples of SEM formulas. I’m quite sure it gives you less meaning than rather being a set of words put in place.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) = Cost / Impressions x 1000
Cost Per Click (CPC) = Cost / Clicks
Impressions = Cost / CPM x 1000
Cost = Impressions / 1000 x CPM
Click Thru Rate % = Clicks / Impressions
Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (ECPM) = Revenue / Impressions x 1000
ECPC = Revenue / Clicks

So, let’s get things spiced up. Starting with analyzing the successful completion. Identifying what’s been done right and how it is been done right is important.  As an example when you enter a site such as Ubersuggest it would enable you to see what’s works right for your competitors. This would cut off your trying to learn and start from the begging options. Kickstart with what is already working out for them. Simply adopt it, put in a bit of your magic and gain the edge over it.

At the same time, Ubersuggest provides you with assistance to get the right content set in. The insight provided to you consists of the popular keywords/phrases that rank your competitor sites high. If you need content ideas or worrying about how to strategically align your content to optimize your SEM. Just leave it all to Niel Patel and let their magic save your time. Nielpatel.com will simply pull put information on the top-performing content pieces. You just have to read through it start using it.


Search Engine Optimization
If you have been fumbling around to expand your business online and reach wider potential customers, internet marketing is the way to adapt. With more and more people moving to online shopping, it is becoming necessary for businesses to reach the target audiences far more effectively than before. With Google being the search engine king with over 3 billion searches a day, it is most likely the ideal place for your business to advertise. Google AdWords is the advertising platform designed by the search engine king themselves to help businesses reach their target customers more effectively. So why not use the opportunity Google has made available to all businesses with every possible budget. If you are still thinking the other way around, here are some of the benefits that Google AdWords provide for any business.

Reach wider Target Audience With Google at the top of the search engine game, it boasts a base of audience larger than any other on the internet. Using Google AdWords you can tap into a large audience base and ensure your business is heard by potential customers. Given the volume of searches and user Google handles. No matter what your niche or product is, it is most likely you will find your target audience on Google.

Google AdWords is Highly Customizable Not every business is same, their advertising method should not be the same as well. Google AdWords is highly customizable based on the business requirements and its target audience. You can customize your ad with the best possible persuasion technique to broaden the chances of getting customers. Google has array of advertising platforms that businesses can use to make their Ads penetrable and marketable to potential customers. You can choose to use the Search engine to place ads on the search pages related to keywords. Or, you can use their other platforms like YouTube or even Gmail to place ads. AdWords provide a whole host of platforms and customizations that can help generate leads.

High Chance of your Ad being seen by Potential Customers While SEO has been the most important determinant of how well your ads reach potential customers. AdWords make the task easier than writing tons of contents and trying to rank for keywords related to your business. Using the AdWords one can land on the first page of search engine for similar or related keywords to the business within no time. Google do give priority to ads and they are most likely to end up on the first page of search engine results.

Control over Ad Budget and Performance With the flexibility that Google AdWords provide, every business can keep track of their spending down to every single penny. It is helpful in situations where businesses have a fixed budget and they want the best return possible. AdWords let you choose your own budget and timeline for your ads to run. Additionally, it allow you to keep track of your Ads performance and plan better for best results.

Flexible Remarketing Strategies Remarketing is a very effective strategy to convert leads into customers. With Google AdWords you can custom set remarketing strategies like providing extra discount or add-ons to leads, influencing them to click that ‘buy now’ button. You can use the dynamic remarketing ads to ensure the lead who bounced of your website without buying the product to turn into a buyer. Providing additional deals and offers related to the product he was browsing earlier will increase the chance of him turning into a buyer. Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways any business can reach to a large base of target audience and generate sales on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization
Organic search engine optimization, methods used to reach the highest ranking results on search engines by achieving results by conducting none PPC based, algorithm-driven results on given search engines. Methods such as back-linking, improving keywords and creating high-quality content can help increase a site’s rank. Sites using organic SEO methods in the truest form can expand and adapt over time in response to readers’ desires. The process of organic optimization isn’t an overnight achievement which is a common misconception as results are driven by progressing improvements.

Organic SEO results can be achieved by:
  • – Relevant content optimization on Web pages
  • – Spreading links pointing to the content
  • – Incorporating meta tags and other types of tag attributes
  • – Using third-party plug-ins on CMS Websites (ex: All in one SEO, Yoast)

The benefits of organic SEO include:
  • – Organic SEO relies on relevant content on pages and having relevant keywords in content can help in generating more clicks.
  • – Again, due to the content relevancy, the search engine results will last longer.
  • – Builds greater trust among the users and Search engines.
  • – Cost-effective solutions compared to PPC but a long-term investment with greater results over time.

Achieving results through methods such as (Blackhat SEO) can sometimes reduce the time in achieving Organic results but it can also get your site banned from search engines if results are achieved incorrectly through inexpensive methods. Although your results occurred at a reduced timeline over time traffic and pagerank will reduce.

If you are looking for an experts advice on organic search engine optimization in Toronto you can get in touch with Enveos @ info@enveos.com . we are here to help you archive your SEO goals with local or Global SEO optimization methods.

Custom Design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design
Is your business ready for Google’s “Mobile-First” index? It’s a method which will change the way your website is ranked on search engines (SERPs). Here are few things which will if not already push the next generation of websites for business which have not already hopped on the bandwagon in having their website responsive and mobile friendly.

Let’s go briefly on what Google accomplished with Mobile-First index. What’s all the big fuss about and why are they using a Mobile-First indexing? As most of you know Google crawls each and every website to make sure it can index the correct links/website on search results. This is why most websites have a Sitemap to help Google crawl your site. Google has created something beyond just crawling your site as a desktop user and build an algorithm that can crawl your site as a mobile user which distinctions between a desktop version of your website and mobile. This will impact all perfect which are none responsive and lack the mobile compatibility hindering not only rank as well consider your site to be hostile to mobile users. Why the use of mobile-first index now? Everyone will agree on is that the growing mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users in the sense that most of you that are tech savvy enough to do everything on a mobile device. Google mentioned that there are more mobile searches than desktop searches and it makes perfect sense to crawl pages as a mobile user.

What do you do if your website isn’t mobile friendly? We are not expressing this out of the desire to gain more business or to attract more audience but as an FYI to move in the direction that will gain more profit to your business than fall in love with a design. Rest assured Google will crawl and index desktop version of the websites but you will lack the mobile audience and as a result which can hinder many businesses online.

Will the new Mobile-First indexing change rank? As is usually the case with new changes, the Mobile-First indexing shouldn’t affect search results or crawl at this stage as they have suggested its too early to tell. If you are amongst those that do not have a mobile friendly website, you shouldn’t expect certain keywords to rank affect mobile search results.

When does Google launch the new Mobile-First index? Google has already released their Mobile-First crawler but an exact date has not yet been specified to when the rollout will be completed as it’s still in testing phase. Web sites can easily verify their structured markups across both platforms by using Structured Data Testing Tools and also verify if your site is mobile accessible with Robot.txt Tools. All website owners if not already verified your mobile version on Search Console should take some time to do so. If you are looking to transfer your existing website to a mobile friendly platform or looking for a web design company that provided free consulting to get you on track, follow us on all social media platforms and remember to #enveos as well engage us with your questions.

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Although the trend of technology is expanding rapidly, many businesses are still lacking the intuits to keep up with the trend. You would not believe how many people know what the technology is and still wouldn’t know how to use the technology for the beneficial of their business. Let’s take a step back and think about why your competition is growing and why you are failing. To reach out to your audience you have to force yourself to make them understand the benefits of your service.

Identifying your key business goals Look closely at your company’s overall requirements and decide how you want to deploy your social media tactic to reach customers. The techniques you use will serve the goals you set to move forward. choose your primary goal and set the goals to achieve them. If you think you can achieve more than one goal go right ahead but thinking is easy deploying and achieving to meet all those goals will distract you from achieving none.

Social media pages To shine within your audience, you will need a strong profile page for your accounts with a branded cover photos and profile photos. Website links, location, Phone number and brief introduction depending whether its twitter or Facebook. Before diving right into finding your audience spend a few days sharing information about your business, services or product, you want visitors to follow you and not just walk away seeing a blank profile which many of us have. Keep in mind to share across all platforms by using tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialOomph. “Build an audience with quality content”

Adding links to website Link all your social media accounts to your website with social network icons. If you are having trouble, ask you web design agency to do so. Icons can be placed anywhere on your website but to get the most attraction place them on the top right or in front of your logo to the far right. If you have a blog within the website, you can also add a share button so your audience can share all the posts within their network. You can find the best social media icons at depositphotos or download widgets and buttons from the official brand sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Top social media sites in email signatures Email communication is what every business does on a daily basis, why not take the time to let your customers know that you can also be reached within all social media networks. You can do this by adding a text base links or PNG icons attached with some HTML tags or simply use sites like Wisestamp and Hubspot

Connect with your audience, not just follow Connect with your audience with a quick follow up chat and do not reach out to your audience with a service approach, this will not be the first impression you would like to make on your business. Often, we see followers engage you with service offers as soon as you follow them back. Do not make the same mistake that others do. Get to know the audience first and ease into what your business can offer.

Advertising on Facebook and twitter Advertising on social media platforms if you have the budget to do so. Choose the right advertising campaign that fits your business goals and deploy them to grow your business. We will focus more on which advertising campaigns work best on another blog but keep in mind not all method will work and sometimes you will end up spending more than expected but in order to find the right campaign for your business failure is the key to success.

Vlogging vs Blogging? Vlogging is a way to get more attention and attraction faster and also gives you flexibility in the way your percent your content. More and more business should be moving towards the trending Snapchat and or YouTube. Without creating video content, you are losing out on this great opportunity. Bloggers that use video content have a better chance of attracting a large audience and distinguishing themselves from competitors. Why not combine your videos with content by blogging? We hope this will help you move a step forward in the new year ahead.

Search Engine Optimization

Growth of a Business online depending on implementing basic (SEO) Search engine optimization methods to reaching out to potential clients. Over past years of us continually progressing business with SEO methods we’ve seems many misinformation about SEO strategies due the lack of high level consulting. We come across corporations and even small business that used SEO services advertised online such as Kijiji, craigslist who is most cases outsource work to international, the invest might be a feasible but in the long run you are penalized and black listed as result of inexperienced SEO tactics. Let these simple tips help you make the right choice for your business.

Commit to the SEO process. If you think that SEO is a one-time event and if anyone says it is, you might want to think twice on that company or freelancer. SEO tactics changes over time and what you did this year may not work next year. SEO requires a long term commitment and if you are not ready to make that step in to investing, then do not start a SEO campaign.

Be very patient.SEO strategy requires patient’s and isn’t based on instant results. Results from campaigns take months and if you are just getting acquainted to online business the logger it may take.

Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO company.Asking the right questions will get you the right results. Get to know about the company’s specific tactics and how it can benefit your business. Every business has its uniqueness and every SEO method should also. What was done for a construction company isn’t the same for a beauty salon.

Become a student in your SEO campaign.If you are one of those SEO enthusiast who would rather control your business’s SEO goals, luckily for you sites like this will help you out ( How To SEO )

Have web analytics in place.Set goals are a crucial factors in getting the results of SEO. Using Google analytics or other software on the web will let you track what’s actually working and what’s not.

Building a great website.Building your business online means having a great website that shows up on the first page of search results. If not, compare you site with other website and make it better. Includes a site map if you don’t already have one with SEO friendly URL’s for each of your pages, no mater if its done in WordPress, joomla or PHP. If your website URLs look like this ( mywebsitename.com/7464890 ) then you need to go back to the drawing board and make a few changes and make sure you website is not listed and spam. Proper way is to relate your URL’s with the proper heading and insert keywords in between but don’t overdo it.

Importance of keyword research.If you budget is tight and you are a tech savvy person you can do your own Keyword research by using tools like Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool, which doesn’t show exact numbers.

Create unique and fresh content.This is important for everyone and every website you build. Write your own description on content including ecommerce products, using the keyword will help to target actual word searchers, and make product pages that blow the competition away. Plus, retailer or not, great content is a great way to get inbound links.

Use of press releases Intelligently. Submitting your press releases tailored to your specific industry can be a great source of exposure. including getting links from trusted media web sites. Distributing releases online can be an effective link building tactic, and opens the door for exposure in news search sites.

Establish a blog. Search Engines love to follow blogs, specially blogs with unique and fresh content. Beyond that, there’s no better way to join the conversations that are already taking place about your industry and/or company. Reading and commenting on other blogs can also increase your exposure.

Use social media wisely. If your business requires a traction of online users, spend some time joining the appropriate media communities to get your market out there. Most or every business should also be looking to make use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Main thing to keep in mind is not to SPAM your followers and members. Be a contributing member and attract potential customers without annoy them.

Take advantage of search engines tools.Sign up for GoogleGoogle Webmaster CentralBing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to learn more about how the search engines see your site, including how many inbound links they’re aware of.

Expand your traffic sources.If you are only a Google camping type of person that thinks driving 40%-80% traffic to your website is only you need then you need to stop and rethink your approach. Expand your horizon and use other methods combines such as Newsletters and other subscriber-based content to help you hold on to traffic/customers no matter what the search engines do. If you are looking to start a SEO campaign on your website email us with your requirements.