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Proven search engine optimization services in Mississauga

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a widely known optimization method and complex process in leveraging tools in aiding the navigation of your business to the 1st page of Google. A Website without optimization is like a rocket without fuel. Only when you fuel the rocket will you be able to navigate to your destination.

To convert visitors into clients or visitors into buyers, you will need to optimize your websites with the bells and whistles for conversion. Therefore, our Top SEO Experts Toronto can start with on-page & off-page website optimization to transform your website so that it is in the perfect format for the search engines. We will work on ranking your website on all the major search engines as well as promote your website by building high-quality backlinks through reputable sites while Improving your Title tags, Meta tags, Domain authority among other optimization methods to improve ranking.

Optimizing your company website is about getting more traffic to your website. Investment in search engine optimization is something that your company will benefit from for the duration of its life.






Our Monthly Organic SEO Plans

SEO service to meet short term goals.
  • 5 Page Website

  • 8 Keywords Optimized & Ranked

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Analytics Tools

  • Google Place Listing

  • 1 Competitor Research

  • 1 Blog Posts Monthly

  • High-Quality Link Building

  • Improve (DA) Score

  • Google Ranking Report

  • Customer Support (Email)

*Setup Fee $200

*Timeline (6 Months

SEO service to get the most out of your website in a short period of time.
  • 10 Page Website

  • 12 Keywords Optimized & Ranked

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Google Place Listing

  • Analytics Tools

  • 2 Competitor Research

  • Google Business Listings

  • 2 Blog Posts Monthly

  • High-Quality Link Building

  • Improve (DA) Score

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Customer Support (Email)

*Setup Fee $200

*Timeline (6-12 Months)

SEO service for growing business with higher competitive market.
  • 15 Page Website / eCommerce

  • 20 Keywords Optimized & Ranked

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Google Place Listing

  • Hubspot CRM Setup

  • Analytics Tools

  • 2 Competitor Research

  • Business Listings

  • 30 Sec Company Intro

  • 4 Blog Posts Monthly

  • Press Releases

  • High-Quality Link Building

  • Improve (DA) Score

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Customer Support (Email)

*Setup Fee $200

*Timeline (6-12 Months)


$2,000 +

SEO Services built for corporate growth and enhanced marketing tactics.
Build a custom Organic Optimization strategy to help your business grow online and offline.

50 Page Website / eCommerce

50 Keywords Optimized & Ranked

On-Page Optimization

Google Place Listing

Hubspot CRM Setup

4 Sec Company Intro

Lead Flows Setup

Analytical Tools

Competitor Research

Business Listings

Scheduled Reports

6 Blog Posts Monthly

Press Releases

High-Quality Link Building

Improve (DA) Score

Customer Support (Email)

Our Flexible Features

Each of our unique monthly plans includes premium hosting and a domain name of your choice. You will have one point of contact depending on the package you select and 24/7 email support to keep your business online and live 365 days. To help you make the best choice we have elaborated on the following features.


Many prospective consumers are looking for our expertise, on a per-dime basis. Regardless of which SEO vendor you’re working with – we can provide you with an SEO Strategy that you can implement on your own. We believe that a good strategy is more important than anything else, and regularly consult for major brands.


We reach out to websites, in order to create links back to your website. Any successful SEO campaign will involve link building, and getting recognition in the form of links in articles, etc. We create backlinks on websites where a prospective client of yours would visit. The work we do extends far past simply creating links – we create value for your brand.


Our one, and only goal, is to help you generate more revenue. Even after we’ve gotten you to page 1, we continue analyzing and utilizing our proprietary tools to see if traffic is converting. If it’s not, we give you recommendations to enable you to convert the traffic we’re generating for you. We leverage heat maps, click maps, and more, to help you understand what users are doing on your website.


DA score is very important for SERPs ranking. Our experts will ensure to evaluate each page and optimize for best results and higher Domain Authority score. DA results differ from 1 to 100 and the higher the score is the greater chance of ranking.


If you website is penalized due to incorrect SEO methods by another SEO vendor, we can help. We have a team of trained experts who know what to look for, when diagnosing penalties – and can provide solutions that take into account your business goals.


Everything we revolves around ROI, and ensuring your KPI’s are going in the right direction. We are the measurable results agency, focused on conversions. We have the leading proprietary tools, to help you understand what’s working, why it’s working, and how to make it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the content, design, and programming steps of website development that focus on increasing search prominence with search engines such as Google. SEO is ideally part of the initial design process, but for continued success should be part of the ongoing maintenance of the website. SEO focuses both on your website and on outside internet properties as search engines will often consider who is linking to your website and how they are doing it.
How can I get more information about SEO?
There is lots of information about search engine optimization available on the internet, maybe too much. We offer SEO services and Content Development for websites.

All clients no matter the business is always looking for the fastest deliverable strategy when it comes to SEO, however it’s important to express the process of organic optimization to clients and make then understand that SEO is a long-term investment, and can eventually be your buggers traffic driver if you give it the time it deserves. SEO require ongoing attention and not a one-time thing. Your SEO strategy takes time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth. Whether you’re redesigning your site to be more SEO friendly or your updating your target keywords, each and every change you make can affect your SEO efforts by showing quantifiable results.

Although Organic SEO and PPC are different approached to marketing strategies, they simply work together to achieve the same goals (SEM). Organic SEO is a natural way to improve your ranking and visibility online using organic content. PPC (pay-per-click) also referred to as Google ads is a way for marketers to bid on keywords to increase exposure to their ads in SERP based on specific offers.

As we mentioned above, links are what make up the off-page SEO pillar. And link building for SEO can be one of the harder parts of the job. Basically you are searching the internet for other websites to link to your site in an effort to build referral traffic and establish authority. Even though this is a straight forward strategy you don’t want just any links, you want relevant and quality links that shows Google you are the authority on a certain topic. Let’s use an example to talk about link building. Say you’re writing a blog for a real estate brand and the subject is “newest trends in the housing market”. It’s important to use both internal (links to other pages on your site) and external (links to other sites on the same industry topic) links. After this blog is published and gains some traction, now is the time to ignite your link building strategy. Find other similar blogs on the topic at hand and start reaching out and presenting your piece of content as a valuable blog on the subject. Once more blogs and websites are sharing and linking to your piece of content, Google can then better understand who has the authority.
Ultimate purpose of content: Blogging allows your website to rank higher in Google SERPs, therefore increasing your visibility and traffic by reaching your target audience during the discovery phase in an overall effort to increase your business revenue.

In short, SEO puts your brand on the map. Remembering that SEO is a long term investment and it doesn’t happen overnight is key. When it comes to organic digital marketing tactics, you might not think you need it, but there are many benefits that prove you should. Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic. This type of search is a huge factor when it comes to visibility, making it a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately encouraging users to engage or convert. Incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy not only helps organically, but it also helps other efforts included in your digital marketing gameplan. If you’re still not convinced, there are more benefits that support the organic efforts:

  • Increase in Site Visibility
    Improve User Experience
    Better Rankings in Search
    Increase in Overall Website Traffic, Engagement, and Conversions
    Increase Brand Credibility
    Dominate the Audience Discovery Phase

SEO cost can vary based on the work required. 

1. Competitive search queries take time to achieve market share. Higher volume keywords are typically more difficult.

2. You have low domain/page authority. Sites linking to you are votes in the eyes of the search engines. in the event you don’t have link worthy content, that has to be developed. Then one must perform outreach. That takes time.

3. In many cases, websites are poorly designed. They have a confusing navigational structure, have poor internal link structure, or may respond slowly.

It may be necessary to migrate, if the site is simply too old.

4. With the constant shift in technology and changes in consumer behavior, it also takes time and research to understand the audience.

The best SEO practitioners stay up to date, anticipate, and prepare you for change. The chief responsibility is maintaining market share and building on it. Google is constantly changing the algorithm and new competitors enter the space.

Unfortunately if you decide to cancel the subscription prior to 1 year, you will be billed for development cost, Please refer to our online Terms and Conditions on our SEO  cancelation policy.

  • Video Slideshow – $100
  • Image Gallery – $75
  • Custom Forms ( submissions, quotes, sign up ) – $15
  • Custom Logo Design ( 3 concepts + print ready) – $180
  • Social Media Page Design – $80
  • Google Analytics Setup – $125
  • Google Search Console Setup – $125
  • SSL Certificate – $95
  • Payment Gateway – Contact us
  • Additional Monthly
  • Maintenance – Click here
  • Content Writing – Contact us


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