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Search Engine Marketing Formula (SEM) – How To Market Your Product Effectively

The competitiveness of the market place keeps on increasing with every second that passes by. Millions of companies are eagerly trying to market their product/service to the same target group. Thus, an additional effort needs to be added to attracting more traffic to your website. Yes, what makes it effective marketing is that getting this attracted traffic gets converted into customers. This is where the art of search engine marketing comes in to play.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

First, it is important to understand that SEM is used to increase the visibility of a particular website. SEM can be deviated into two types as organic and paid.  Both of these types mainly target new customers. When it comes to the organic type, as a new customer hits the search button to purchase a product/service, the search engine would fold up the relevant websites in sequence. Thus, at the same time, SEM allows ranking within the first few search hit websites. This would increase the website visibility as well as make sure that the traffic will be directed to your website.

The paid SEM type enables to create an opportunity to advertise sponsor advertisements which are relevant to the search results. This is yet an eye-catching site for the motivated customer and would drag in their attention on the spot. These results are triggered through the search terms also known as the “Keywords” that are entered into the search engines. These paid advertisements that appear next to the search results are the most relevant to the search result. Therefore, the probability of the customer clicking on them is high.

How does SEM work for you?

As a customer hits in the search button, the search engine that functions in the background starts rolling off with its complicated algorithms to find in the most suitable results according to the request.

The organic SEM rather called as search engine optimization (SEO) is a method adopted through using the right keywords or phrases that the potential customers would hit in to search a product or a service using a search engine. By equipping the content with such keywords/phrases the search engines would pick your website as a relevant information provider for the customer.

The paid search engine marketing (Paid SEM) mostly use common forms such as pay per click (PPC). These advertisements appear according to the relevancy of an intended search criteria and the company posting the advertisement only has to pay the hoister only when a customer clicks on the advertisement.

Depending on the nature of the business it is advisable to select either of the SEM options or a mix of it to suit the nature of the product/service you provide.

The role of the keyword


Keywords are either words, terms or phrases that users type into a search engine to search for information. It is used to drive targeted traffic to an intended website. Therefore, knowing the right set of keywords and their position plays an important role in SEM as well as PPC.

Keyword optimization would enable you to

– Get the rightful traffic directed to your website
– Through identifying popular keyword – predict the potential traffic
– Connect with potential customers instantly
– Identify customer needs and how to position your service/product

The architecture of the information input solely depends on keyword optimization. Therefore, keyword optimization drives a major portion of SEO marketing efforts such as tag lines, links, site structure, content strategies well as the meta description

How to optimize SEO through keywords


Considering factors such as keyword popularity, keyword relevancy, and keyword intent would enable you to set in your steps in the right direction of SEO. There are sites such as  Small SEO Tools keyword research that would enable you to get an idea of the positioning of selected keywords. Simply following through the 5 steps given in the site you can get a report on the positioning of the selected keyword. This would give you an insight into the competition that surrounds the selected keyword and assist you to work through to meet your objectives.

It enables you to identify the high intended keywords and by using them so that the search results for relevancy would rise in. As a result, it will trigger in generating more quality traffic that can be covered by customers.

What are SEM formulas and how does it work for you?


Below are a few examples of SEM formulas. I’m quite sure it gives you less meaning than rather being a set of words put in place.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) = Cost / Impressions x 1000
Cost Per Click (CPC) = Cost / Clicks
Impressions = Cost / CPM x 1000
Cost = Impressions / 1000 x CPM
Click Thru Rate % = Clicks / Impressions
Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (ECPM) = Revenue / Impressions x 1000
ECPC = Revenue / Clicks

So, let’s get things spiced up. Starting with analyzing the successful completion. Identifying what’s been done right and how it is been done right is important.  As an example when you enter a site such as Ubersuggest it would enable you to see what’s works right for your competitors. This would cut off your trying to learn and start from the begging options. Kickstart with what is already working out for them. Simply adopt it, put in a bit of your magic and gain the edge over it.

At the same time, Ubersuggest provides you with assistance to get the right content set in. The insight provided to you consists of the popular keywords/phrases that rank your competitor sites high. If you need content ideas or worrying about how to strategically align your content to optimize your SEM. Just leave it all to Niel Patel and let their magic save your time. will simply pull put information on the top-performing content pieces. You just have to read through it start using it.