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Your buyers are human beings with emotions, experience, and reactions. While designing your store, there are few things to keep in mind. The first thing that matters the most is thinking from the buyer’s perspective. If you want to understand how a buyer will react to your store or product, first step into the shoes of your buyers. What will you look for while buying the product and why? You will definitely find an answer to these obvious questions. Design psychology takes the same in consideration, implying human emotions to convert a lead on your store to a buyer. Design psychology mainly deals with the experience a user has on your site or store and design techniques that can help improve the same. As your users or leads are in a virtual store without any physical contact, design can play a very important role to your buyers. Ensuring the best user experience on your web page or online store is the best way you can trigger a sale. In other words, you have to induce emotions in the users or browsers who are more likely to bounce off unless you grab their attention and inflict an emotion.

How to Implement Design Psychology Implementing design psychology can be a very efficient method of converting your leads to buyers and user of your products.

Keep it Simple Keeping things simply the ideal method that can really improve user experience on a website or web store. Over complicated design and trickery can be very dangerous from the user point of view. People can bounce off your site and resent your site in case you try to force the users with the new experience they are not used to. We all are familiar with the product browsing page or the buy now button, or the payments page. It is more or less similar on every web store be it big brands like Amazon or simple Shopify stores.

Do not Alter User Experience from Past Introducing a new design or the new process of checkout or browsing a product can confuse the users on your site and they can bounce off. To keep thing tidy, it is always advisable to follow the practice that we are used to seeing. However, it does not mean we should never update or tweak our stores. Tweaking and updating are based on the experiences we are used to and not completely different or new. Using different fonts or colors can make your store stand out but implementing complex design is not good for user experience.

Highlighting Important Information On an online store user generally, tend to know what they are looking for and want to buy. To make things easier for the customers to place an order is the main point of consideration for any store designer. Smoother the experience of navigating on an online web store, buyers are more likely to place an order. It is always advisable for designers to take into consideration the highlighting factors that they want the buyers to notice. Rather than cluttering the users with tons of information, highlight the important points. It will always act in the favor for the buyers to know in a brief attention of the benefits and uses. Which can increase the chances of leads to convert into buyers without much persuasion. You should never be too persuasive or the buyers can bounce off. Try putting out the important or highlighting points to the buyers and make it easier for users to navigate the store. These small but very influential factors can truly change the user experience on your store and increase the rate of conversion.

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Did you never notice why Amazon, the largest online store has its logo and site’s primary color as bright yellow?

Not only it looks bright and catchy but has a psychological impact on the mind of shoppers too. Bright yellow is known to grab attention and Amazon surely grabs a lot of attention from potential shoppers around the world. This is also the reason behind the warning signs on hilly areas to be in bright yellow. Yellow is additionally considered a happy and mood lifting color, which can be very useful to persuade your buyers to buy products on your site.

Fonts are also known to have psychological impact on buyer’s mind and influence their thought on buying a product. You might have noticed big bold fonts used on hoarding and billboards to grab the attention of the potential buyers.

Why Color and Font matter for Shoppers
Color and fonts together play a very important and influential role in the buyer’s mind when they are looking for products. Color and font are two most important factor when it comes to grabbing the attention of the potential buyers.

Colors Induce Feelings
Different colors are known to induce different feelings, like Yellow induce happiness and positivity, red induce excitement and boldness, blue induce trust and so on. Thus colors can play a significant role in conveying a message about a brand or a product to the buyers. Buyers are more like to buy a product that they can relate to a feeling. Colors can also act as identifier for genders, colors like red, pink can make women relate to a product. Similarly, colors like blue, black, grey can be relatable to men. Brands typically use colors to differentiate their target audience based on gender.

Fonts are Necessary for Creating Immersive Experience
In case of online store where the buyers do not have physical contact with the seller, fonts can play an important role in grabbing their attention. In recent studies researchers have found that an average person stays less than a minute on a web page Reasons Why Users Leave a Website. To grab the attention of the buyer in such small interval requires to have fonts optimized for immersive experience. Carefully outlining fonts and using bold and italic fonts can help texts to stand out and let the buyers know exactly where to read and what to read. Fonts are one of the most important design element that can make or break your site. You will never see the top brands using fancy confusing fonts. They prefer clear, smooth and block letters that are easily readable and provide a smooth experience for the buyers on a shopping site.

As we can see how colors and fonts can impact the buyer’s decision on a shopping site. It is always advisable to go with simple and known colors and fonts rather being too creative. Do not get me wrong, but buyers are human being who are used to certain type and style. They can relate to colors and fonts to the things they have learnt over experience. If you try to disengage them and try something new, they might not always react the positive way.


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Although the trend of technology is expanding rapidly, many businesses are still lacking the intuits to keep up with the trend. You would not believe how many people know what the technology is and still wouldn’t know how to use the technology for the beneficial of their business. Let’s take a step back and think about why your competition is growing and why you are failing. To reach out to your audience you have to force yourself to make them understand the benefits of your service.

Identifying your key business goals Look closely at your company’s overall requirements and decide how you want to deploy your social media tactic to reach customers. The techniques you use will serve the goals you set to move forward. choose your primary goal and set the goals to achieve them. If you think you can achieve more than one goal go right ahead but thinking is easy deploying and achieving to meet all those goals will distract you from achieving none.

Social media pages To shine within your audience, you will need a strong profile page for your accounts with a branded cover photos and profile photos. Website links, location, Phone number and brief introduction depending whether its twitter or Facebook. Before diving right into finding your audience spend a few days sharing information about your business, services or product, you want visitors to follow you and not just walk away seeing a blank profile which many of us have. Keep in mind to share across all platforms by using tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialOomph. “Build an audience with quality content”

Adding links to website Link all your social media accounts to your website with social network icons. If you are having trouble, ask you web design agency to do so. Icons can be placed anywhere on your website but to get the most attraction place them on the top right or in front of your logo to the far right. If you have a blog within the website, you can also add a share button so your audience can share all the posts within their network. You can find the best social media icons at depositphotos or download widgets and buttons from the official brand sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Top social media sites in email signatures Email communication is what every business does on a daily basis, why not take the time to let your customers know that you can also be reached within all social media networks. You can do this by adding a text base links or PNG icons attached with some HTML tags or simply use sites like Wisestamp and Hubspot

Connect with your audience, not just follow Connect with your audience with a quick follow up chat and do not reach out to your audience with a service approach, this will not be the first impression you would like to make on your business. Often, we see followers engage you with service offers as soon as you follow them back. Do not make the same mistake that others do. Get to know the audience first and ease into what your business can offer.

Advertising on Facebook and twitter Advertising on social media platforms if you have the budget to do so. Choose the right advertising campaign that fits your business goals and deploy them to grow your business. We will focus more on which advertising campaigns work best on another blog but keep in mind not all method will work and sometimes you will end up spending more than expected but in order to find the right campaign for your business failure is the key to success.

Vlogging vs Blogging? Vlogging is a way to get more attention and attraction faster and also gives you flexibility in the way your percent your content. More and more business should be moving towards the trending Snapchat and or YouTube. Without creating video content, you are losing out on this great opportunity. Bloggers that use video content have a better chance of attracting a large audience and distinguishing themselves from competitors. Why not combine your videos with content by blogging? We hope this will help you move a step forward in the new year ahead.

Online marketing has come a long way since the early 90s when money spent on advertising began to increase. Business should already know or already have in place a strategic plan to market online, not understanding the best way to drive your business forward can really hurt your chances of achievement. These few steps will guide you through the process of online marketing to not only reunited with returning customers but also to attract new customers.

Consultation If you are someone that has a keen understanding of what it takes to achieve certain goals with a strategic marketing plan that’s great! But those of us who are still struggling to increase their visibility online its best to hire a company or ask an expert.

Website Design A recent survey done in 2016 shows that 54 percent currently have a website and 46 percent do not have an online presence. You will not believe how many times we have been approached by customers to improve their business online without a website or any sort of online presence. No matter how much time and money you invest in strategic development if your website isn’t clean, easy to read or lacking the interest of visitors, you are still going to lose customers. Having a website that is mobile friendly, up to date and interesting should be your key focus.

Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization is a process in which we optimized your website to be visible on search engine results. This process utilizes keywords based on the services related to your business and provides leads and search results to your website by individuals searching for such services.

Use of email marketing Creating an email and sending it to customers is not what an email marketing plan is. First you need to know whether they have already subscribed to your mailing list if they are not already your client’s. Make sure not to spam your customers and follow the rules enforced by CASL if you are a Canadian base business. You will need to consider the use of email software which we already provide for many of our clients that require monthly daily or weekly newsletter campaigns. Each email has to be personalized for each customer with a personalized campaign and most of all understanding your customers will benefit in building a strategic campaign.

Opt-in Email list Use of opt-in email list method lets your visitors subscribe to receive emails and updates. This allows you to expand your list of customers and client’s.

Online Blog Having a blog on your website can significantly increase your search engine strategy by adding new posts and keywords. A blog is a way in which you can communicate your experience with the digital audience and provide advice and share a bit of information with your customers while building a long lasting trust.

Incentive and Giveaways Customer love Giveaways, Don’t you? Giving incentive for customers who refer your business or product can have a significant spike in sales. Use tools such as Clicktotweet will help you track your tweets.

Press Releases Writing Press releases can attract potential readers and customers in a much formal setting. This attracts newspapers, blogs, or other media services to see your information and write posts about your company.

News and articles A way to gain more trust in your business is by writing articles and publishing content in location that customers trust. Having your company and information listed in other locations on the web can help you grow your company and business. If you need an expert to handle you online marketing strategy or build one for you business you can always call Enveos.