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Did you never notice why Amazon, the largest online store has its logo and site’s primary color as bright yellow?

Not only it looks bright and catchy but has a psychological impact on the mind of shoppers too. Bright yellow is known to grab attention and Amazon surely grabs a lot of attention from potential shoppers around the world. This is also the reason behind the warning signs on hilly areas to be in bright yellow. Yellow is additionally considered a happy and mood lifting color, which can be very useful to persuade your buyers to buy products on your site.

Fonts are also known to have psychological impact on buyer’s mind and influence their thought on buying a product. You might have noticed big bold fonts used on hoarding and billboards to grab the attention of the potential buyers.

Why Color and Font matter for Shoppers
Color and fonts together play a very important and influential role in the buyer’s mind when they are looking for products. Color and font are two most important factor when it comes to grabbing the attention of the potential buyers.

Colors Induce Feelings
Different colors are known to induce different feelings, like Yellow induce happiness and positivity, red induce excitement and boldness, blue induce trust and so on. Thus colors can play a significant role in conveying a message about a brand or a product to the buyers. Buyers are more like to buy a product that they can relate to a feeling. Colors can also act as identifier for genders, colors like red, pink can make women relate to a product. Similarly, colors like blue, black, grey can be relatable to men. Brands typically use colors to differentiate their target audience based on gender.

Fonts are Necessary for Creating Immersive Experience
In case of online store where the buyers do not have physical contact with the seller, fonts can play an important role in grabbing their attention. In recent studies researchers have found that an average person stays less than a minute on a web page Reasons Why Users Leave a Website. To grab the attention of the buyer in such small interval requires to have fonts optimized for immersive experience. Carefully outlining fonts and using bold and italic fonts can help texts to stand out and let the buyers know exactly where to read and what to read. Fonts are one of the most important design element that can make or break your site. You will never see the top brands using fancy confusing fonts. They prefer clear, smooth and block letters that are easily readable and provide a smooth experience for the buyers on a shopping site.

As we can see how colors and fonts can impact the buyer’s decision on a shopping site. It is always advisable to go with simple and known colors and fonts rather being too creative. Do not get me wrong, but buyers are human being who are used to certain type and style. They can relate to colors and fonts to the things they have learnt over experience. If you try to disengage them and try something new, they might not always react the positive way.


Brand Identity
As a web design company, we are approached by clients inquiring to help them construct a strategic branding solution. Branding affects many aspects of every business we do not bark at every idea or take on projects we do not consider to be in our circle of expertise but providing solutions to effectively deploy a brand marketing solution for startups and small business owners are something we take great pride in. These are just a few simple steps that can guide you through the stages of branding which can help you approach the right company to build a brand that open doors to new elevations.

Branding your identity online is like seeing your vision take its true formation. We dig deep into your organization to establish a foundation to help us build a memorable brand. From here we create a face for you brand with Logo, Font, Stationery and Collateral Design. Showing people who you are, what you do and how you’re different from competitors will amplify your story.

Consistency A key reminder to be consistent in branding but not to speak about things unrelated to your brand. This puts the focus of your brand under stress and confuses your audience. let’s say for example an image was posted to your business ‘Instagram, Facebook page’? is this related to your brand or aligns with your message? In devotion to giving your brand a platform to stand on, you need to be sure that all of your messages are interrelated. Eventually, consistent contributes to brand recognition and avoid leaving customers struggling to put the missing pieces of your business together.

Flexibility In this age, all companies should be flexible to stay relevant and aim to set a standard for your brand. Being consistent and flexible are two combination that will effectively keep things fresh and identifiable.

Loyalty If you already have an audience that love your brand and speak about your brand, also expect the unexpected flush down of negative comments. Whys is that? Do you love receiving gifts on Christmas or birthdays? Would you be excited if your favorite pop start sent you a special gift? Now you know where we are getting at. As much as your audience would like to talk about your brand, they would like to also know that the brand that they like so much would take the time to reward them. Sometimes just a simple thank you would be in favor as your audience have gone out of their way to write about you, to tell their friends about you, and to act as your brand ambassadors.

Awareness This is what most startups business and even business that have been around for many years fail to understand. Awareness, is like having a vision of a hawk, watching what your competition is doing and learning from their mistakes while tailoring your brand based on their experience to better your company. Think of your competitors as a challenge to improve your own strategy and create greater value in your overall brand. Forming a brand is just like interacting with people. We meet, talk, interact and try their goods and services. We then decide if we like their services or not in order to have a profitable long term relationship.

Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development
Vast majority of business owners do not grasp the idea of what a Landing page means or what benefits it would bring to the business. A landing page can be created for many reasons such as generating leads from multiple sources, attracting new customers and turning leads into customers. We have worked with many organization building landing pages which converts leads into genuine long terms customers no matter the industry or business. Here are few ideas to help you understanding the fundamentals of a lead generating landing page.

Call to Action: Experience teach you the best location to have either multiple Call to action buttons or a few but keep in mind each of those call to action button should lead to one specific action for ex: sign up to our email list and receive a free gift.

Navigation: If a menu bar is a must, its best to set them up as anchor links within the same page so that you are not leading the customer away from the website or distracting them. Look at it as if you were the customer and think what you would do or feel if a website derails you away from a page to something completely out of focus? What would you do?

Ads: No matter how many ads you have on your landing page always stick to one rule. That is to be consistent through your branding.

Giveaways: Be specific on the giveaway and most importantly giving something of value to the customers and how they will receive it.

Testimonials: Most importantly and something we value in our business are Testimonials. This is the most honest way of telling customers your business or services are appreciated by valued customers.

Avoiding extra links: Do not make the mistake of having multiples social media links on your landing page or links to external website. This well most definitely hurt your conversation rate. We love to hear your thoughts and experience give us a shout!