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5 Stages Of Branding Every Startup Should Follow

As a web design company, we are approached by clients inquiring to help them construct a strategic branding solution. Branding affects many aspects of every business we do not bark at every idea or take on projects we do not consider to be in our circle of expertise but providing solutions to effectively deploy a brand marketing solution for startups and small business owners are something we take great pride in. These are just a few simple steps that can guide you through the stages of branding which can help you approach the right company to build a brand that open doors to new elevations.

Branding your identity online is like seeing your vision take its true formation. We dig deep into your organization to establish a foundation to help us build a memorable brand. From here we create a face for you brand with Logo, Font, Stationery and Collateral Design. Showing people who you are, what you do and how you’re different from competitors will amplify your story.

Consistency A key reminder to be consistent in branding but not to speak about things unrelated to your brand. This puts the focus of your brand under stress and confuses your audience. let’s say for example an image was posted to your business ‘Instagram, Facebook page’? is this related to your brand or aligns with your message? In devotion to giving your brand a platform to stand on, you need to be sure that all of your messages are interrelated. Eventually, consistent contributes to brand recognition and avoid leaving customers struggling to put the missing pieces of your business together.

Flexibility In this age, all companies should be flexible to stay relevant and aim to set a standard for your brand. Being consistent and flexible are two combination that will effectively keep things fresh and identifiable.

Loyalty If you already have an audience that love your brand and speak about your brand, also expect the unexpected flush down of negative comments. Whys is that? Do you love receiving gifts on Christmas or birthdays? Would you be excited if your favorite pop start sent you a special gift? Now you know where we are getting at. As much as your audience would like to talk about your brand, they would like to also know that the brand that they like so much would take the time to reward them. Sometimes just a simple thank you would be in favor as your audience have gone out of their way to write about you, to tell their friends about you, and to act as your brand ambassadors.

Awareness This is what most startups business and even business that have been around for many years fail to understand. Awareness, is like having a vision of a hawk, watching what your competition is doing and learning from their mistakes while tailoring your brand based on their experience to better your company. Think of your competitors as a challenge to improve your own strategy and create greater value in your overall brand. Forming a brand is just like interacting with people. We meet, talk, interact and try their goods and services. We then decide if we like their services or not in order to have a profitable long term relationship.