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Landing Pages That Can Turn Leads Into Customers

Vast majority of business owners do not grasp the idea of what a Landing page means or what benefits it would bring to the business. A landing page can be created for many reasons such as generating leads from multiple sources, attracting new customers and turning leads into customers. We have worked with many organization building landing pages which converts leads into genuine long terms customers no matter the industry or business. Here are few ideas to help you understanding the fundamentals of a lead generating landing page.

Call to Action: Experience teach you the best location to have either multiple Call to action buttons or a few but keep in mind each of those call to action button should lead to one specific action for ex: sign up to our email list and receive a free gift.

Navigation: If a menu bar is a must, its best to set them up as anchor links within the same page so that you are not leading the customer away from the website or distracting them. Look at it as if you were the customer and think what you would do or feel if a website derails you away from a page to something completely out of focus? What would you do?

Ads: No matter how many ads you have on your landing page always stick to one rule. That is to be consistent through your branding.

Giveaways: Be specific on the giveaway and most importantly giving something of value to the customers and how they will receive it.

Testimonials: Most importantly and something we value in our business are Testimonials. This is the most honest way of telling customers your business or services are appreciated by valued customers.

Avoiding extra links: Do not make the mistake of having multiples social media links on your landing page or links to external website. This well most definitely hurt your conversation rate. We love to hear your thoughts and experience give us a shout!