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Why Startups Should Use WordPress

If it is your business website or a blog to grow your startup, WordPress has been the choice for most professionals. WordPress is especially helpful for startups to excel in the competitive market where every brand is trying to make themselves known. A website is utmost necessity for any startup or business to gain an online presence. Moreover, WordPress serves the purpose best with its flexibility and reach with over 30% websites on the internet running WordPress [wordpress-statistics]. One of the most popular Content Management System, WordPress is easily the best choice that can boost a startup’s presence on the web. WordPress is the ideal platform for startups to excel for these reasons:

Simple and Flexible WordPress is very simple to use and you can get your website up and running in few hours. Instructions and steps to use WordPress backend dashboard is self-explanatory. You will not be required any technical specialist to get yourself a working website for your startup. Just a few hours on the web and WordPress forum will get you over the initial learning curve. Once you get pass the initial learning curve, it is a bed of roses. Another major advantage of using WordPress is its sheer flexibility to create any type of website. Creating an online portfolio or e-commerce store, WordPress is powerful to handle any such task with ease.

You do not need to write any Code One of the daunting task for a startup while deciding to get a website is, to hire a website developer and pay hundreds of dollars to get a website. Using WordPress, you can easily eliminate the requirement of coder or developer as managing a WordPress website does not require you to write a single line of code. Even for any non-techy person, using WordPress and managing a website on WordPress is as simple as clicking few icons. You can build your website, write a blog post, and insert images or videos, without writing a single line of code. A big reason for startups to start using WordPress is elimination of the cost for building a website and hiring a technically sound person to manage it once setup.

Its Free Cutting down startup cost for any new business is one of the hardest task that can decide their future moving ahead. WordPress is Free to use for anyone who does not require a custom domain for their startup. The free WordPress websites will host on the WordPress with a extension (Ex: – Moreover, if you want a custom domain ( for your business, which is rather recommended for any startup. WordPress remain free to use for the users with all its goodness and flexibility.

SEO Friendly Most top blogs and brands use WordPress for the inbuilt WordPress features that makes it SEO friendly and helps in getting higher search rankings. WordPress has an array of helpful plugins and tools to help you in SEO. Using WordPress do not guarantee you higher rankings. However, it allows the users to use the tools to write contents and market their business for better search rankings. If you utilize the tools efficiently, ranking on the search results is more achievable.

Top Brands use WordPress Brands like Microsoft, New York Post,, CNN, USA Today, TED, NBC, TechCrunch and many others use WordPress [wordpress-statistics]. You cannot go wrong with using WordPress for your startup or your large business organization. Best part of using WordPress is having the flexibility to scale up any time your business starts to ramp up. If you are still not using WordPress, it is time you get on with it and take your startup to new heights.