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Mobile App Development Misbeliefs

These 7 myths will help any developer set out on the right path and enjoy what’s to come.

1. Overwhelmed by technology: Don’t attempt to stat building your first app if you are from a non-tech contextual. The concept is your business and you don’t have to try to lean and its best to outsource or hire an agency that can help you archive your business goals while you focus on leading the technology.

2. If you build it, they will come: Don’t think building the app and launching it on Google store or Apple store will guarantee the results you are looking for. Building an app is the easiest thing in expanding your business. Getting customers to use your app consistently is the toughest part. So don’t think you are done yet!

3. Ideas are everything: Each day there are new ideas been executed which are advancing in the mobile industry. Only one idea will succeed and that is not thinking that your idea is unique. It’s how you give your idea life is what matters. There are many great ideas that don’t succeed just because they weren’t executed well.

4. Get funding based on prototype: Overall costs of building a technology-based enterprise has drastically come down from the days of traditional software development companies. Venture capitalists look for ideas that are validated “tested by users” and exhibit growth in user signups and retention before they even begin to think about investing.

5. Asking friends for idea validation: Simple, If the idea isn’t build yet what you will receive as feedback is imaginary.

6. Marketing means spending money: Every successful app over the years has become popular based on word of mouth and people tend to endorse products that stand out. Marketing dollars may get you download numbers, but not user retention.

7. Getting funded is Plan A: Funding comes from building the right product for the right audience. Your startup ambitions should not be dependent on a VC, but your determination to become a successful entrepreneur.